Thursday, May 22, 2014

Our Third Preschool Graduation

I'm so glad we sent Dino to preschool this year.  And he blew us away with his singing during graduation - just the fact that he did it, and sometimes we could even hear him - not that he ever smiled during the process, but he did his duty!

Two Sleepyheads

This was a warm Sunday afternoon after Luke came back in town after a conference - the whole house had a great nap! 

My Baby Is Two

We celebrated with Breyer's vanilla banana splits, dishes borrowed from Grandma

Anne wanted me out of the way so she could get down to business!   I don't love ice cream, and thoroughly enjoyed my banana with almond butter and coconut instead. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dance Recital

Laurel was in the Hansel and Gretal ballet as a grasshopper. By the time I got backstage, she'd lost the headband and bowtie, but pretty cute!  She wanted to quit dance after Christmas, but I told her she had to stick with it through the ballet recital. "I'd rather do piano." Guess we'll have to get that in the queue.

Do Not Laugh

We all know about my lack of cake decorating skills. But I thought DR would flip over a fire truck birthday cake. You get the's like an abstract creation. And it' the natural food dye (juice of purple carrots and beets) just didn't get any darker than a great blush. Oh well. He was pretty stoked. I think I'll try 7-minute frosting next time. 


The first person I've met who actually says this.

Sourdough Sandwich Bread

I picked up a new sourdough starter that is the bee's knees.  I wanted to try it in loaf pans, which of course wouldn't fit in a dutch oven, so it looks funny. But there are still some bubbles...Dangerous though to bake in loaf pans. Because one loaf is gone about half an hour out of the oven.